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Year 6

Year 6 Overview


Year 6 (Y6) is the final year that children spend in Key Stage 2 and marks the final year in their time at primary school. As part of this transition, Year 6 children engage in a range of collaborative projects and events with other primary and secondary schools in the local area. This includes a specialist bee week, that is completed by all Year 6 pupils across schools within the Pele Trust and numerous sporting events. Year 6 children are also given the opportunity to take part in an international residential visit alongside pupils within the Pele Trust. Where this has not been possible, children have attended a UK based residential visit.


In addition to the other areas of responsibility for kS2 pupils such as School Council, Eco Council and Digital Leaders, Year 6 offers a number of unique opportunities for children to develop their leadership experiences through roles such as head student, sports leaders and lunchtime monitors. Children in Year 6 continue to benefit from swimming lessons at Ponteland Leisure Centre until they are proficient in meeting the National Curriculum standards.

National Assessments-SATs


During the summer term, children in Year 6 take national statutory assessments (SATs)  in English reading, mathematics and English grammar, punctuation and spelling. At the end of the summer term, parents receive test results from these assessments for their child. 


As there is no test for English writing, this is reported as a teacher assessment judgement. This is a thorough assessment process, carried out by Y6 teachers using evidence gathered throughout the latter parts of children’s final year of primary school.  Parents receive this and a teacher assessment judgement for science alongside children’s SATs results.


Teachers make sure all pupils in their class are prepared for this assessment period and there is nothing specifically test-related that parents are required to do in order to prepare their child. Class teachers provide guidance and information to help you to support your child’s learning and education throughout the year.


The transition to high school is a key moment in your child’s educational journey. In Y6 we prepare your child academically and socially throughout the year for their move into Key Stage 3. Our transition experiences start in Y5 and pick up momentum in Y6 with assemblies from key members of Ponteland High School staff, visits from KS3 staff, enrichment visits to Ponteland High and shared experiences with other Pele Trust Primaries. Our specialist Music, French and P.E teachers also prepare our children well for moving into KS3. Curriculum documents are shared between primary and secondary staff to ensure a smooth transition between schools and a continuation of the high expectations we have for them at Darras. Our children leave us at the end of Y6 as well-rounded individuals, good citizens and ambassadors for our school.


Curriculum and Areas of Learning


Children’s learning is rooted in the Y6 or Key Stage 2 programme of study from the Primary National Curriculum. In addition to this, children will develop their understanding of the wider world and current topical issues highlighted by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals). In Year 6, children focus upon the following Global Goals specifically:


Global Goal 4- Quality Education

Make sure everyone has a chance to go to school. 

Give more training for young adults to get into different types of jobs


Global Goal 10- Reduce Inequalities

Provide support for those living in poverty

Ensure laws (e.g. voting rights) do not discriminate against any group (gender, disability, indigenous people and race)

Support those who have to move out of their country inc. refugees and asylum seekers


Global Goal 16- Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

End forms of violence/abuse and speak out against it

Learn about crime and justice

Key units of learning throughout Year 6 include Titanic, Extreme Earth, Ancient Greece and Incredible Inventions.




All children in Year 6 have access to MyMaths and are set a weekly maths homework on this website. In addition to the homework tasks children can access maths games and lessons on my maths.



In Year 6 we encourage all children to read at least 10 mins per day at home.  Children are able to select reading books from the school reading system or the class library.  Children should record their reading in their home school diaries each day. 

Please see this link to information about the Accelerated Reader program that we use to support reading.  Children can log in to their personal account to complete quizzes on the books they have read.



Children are set weekly spelling lists to learn and be tested on at the end of each week. The spelling words are taken from the Y5/6 word list and statutory requirements for spelling published in the national curriculum. 



All children in Year 6 have access to Google Classroom.  This is used on a weekly basis for English homework. Children should access their homework through Google Classroom and complete their work online.


Foundation Subjects

A selection of activities and tasks are provided to the children relating to their most recent units of learning. Each challenge awards children with a specific number of points. Children should aim to complete 10 points worth of challenges. These points can be collected by completing smaller challenges, worth fewer points, or larger challenges, worth more points.