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Year 5

Year 5 Overview


Year 5 (Y5) is the penultimate year within Key Stage 2 and children begin to have the opportunity to enjoy some additional responsibilities within school including additional pupil leadership roles, access to a wider range of extra curricular clubs and coaching towards sporting competitions. Within Year 5, children can also audition for the cast of a Shakespeare Production Company in partnership with the Shakespeare Schools Festival, which is performed at a theatre in Newcastle. In addition to this, all children in Year 5 will participate in swimming lessons and have the opportunity to attend a UK based residential visit.


As part of our curriculum, children will also build up their understanding of key aspects of growing up, including recognition of healthy relationships, changes to our bodies and how to keep safe when faced with new challenges, both in person and online.


Curriculum and Areas of Learning


Children’s learning will be rooted in the Y5 or Upper Key Stage 2 programme of study from the Primary Curriculum. In addition to this, children will develop their understanding of the wider world and current topical issues highlighted by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals). In Year 5 children focus upon the following Global Goals specifically:


Global Goal 9- Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Look at companies that promote sustainable development and do not harm the environment

To improve technology and give access to the internet in countries that need it


Global Goal 11- Sustainable Cities and Communities

Plan improvements to cities as a community

Protect cultural and natural heritage sites

Look at ways to help with natural disasters

Help communities with waste management, air quality and climate change.


Global Goal 12- Responsible Consumption and Production

Halve global food waste

Learn to reduce, reuse and recycle

Learn about more sustainable living


Key units of learning throughout Year 5 include The Victorians, Space Exploration and Maya Civilisations. Children also engage with Save our Planet, a unit of learning supporting an understanding of how we can reduce our carbon footprint, limit single use plastics, become more eco friendly and play our part in protecting our planet. 




All children in Year 5 have access to MyMaths and will be set a weekly maths homework on this website. In addition to the homework tasks children can access maths games and lessons on my maths.



In Year 5 we encourage all children to read at least 10 mins per day at home.  Children are able to select reading books from the school reading system or the class library.  Children should record their reading in their home school diaries each day. Please see this link to information about the Accelerated Reader program that we use to support reading.  Children can log in to their personal account to complete quizzes on the books they have read.



Children will be set weekly spelling lists to learn and be tested on at the end of each week. The spelling words are taken from the Y5/6 word list and statutory requirements for spelling published in the national curriculum. 

There is a useful spelling game on school 360 called Spell Blaster. You can find this in the j2e section of the resources.



All children in year 5 have access to Google Classroom.  This is used on a weekly basis for English homework. Children should access their homework through Google Classroom and complete their work online.


Foundation Subjects

A selection of activities and tasks are provided to the children relating to their most recent units of learning. Each challenge awards children with a specific number of points. Children should aim to complete 10 points worth of challenges. These points can be collected by completing smaller challenges, worth fewer points, or larger challenges, worth more points.


Links to additional learning resources



Fractions Decimals and Percentages

Times Table Practice

Factors and Multiples

Roman Numerals




Scratch - Imagine, Program

Kahoot- Create an online quiz

Busy Things- Log in to School 360 and access the Busy Things platform - you can practise your typing skills as well as coding avatars to perform specific tasks.