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Parent feedback

Response to Parent Feedback Questionnaire- October 2023

Based on 127 responses


Thank you to all of you who responded to the recent parent survey. We use this data to support the ongoing development of the school. Parent feedback is invaluable and complements the feedback we receive via our regular contact with you. We are always appreciative of this as it helps inform our planning and ensures we are working closely with you, so thank you for your time and effort.


We were pleased to note that the vast majority of parents who responded are pleased with a significant proportion of what we are doing. We were delighted to hear that of the 127 parents who responded, 100% of parents reported that their child was happy at this school. Over 99% of parents who took part in the questionnaire told us that their child feels safe at the school and that they are made aware about what their child will be learning during the year. We were pleased to note that over 98% of responses expressed that their child does well at this school and they would recommend the school to others.

From the responses received, there is a clear sense of what most parents regard as the main strengths of the school:

● Positive relationships between pupils, staff and parents
● The priority given to ensuring that children feel safe
● Information sharing with parents about the curriculum
● The standard children achieve and the range of subjects

We welcome feedback from parents at any time, but regularly seek parents' opinions of our school.  Results of recent parent surveys can be found below.  Parents are welcome to provide feedback via Ofsted Parentview at any time by following the link below: