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Parent feedback

We welcome feedback from parents at any time, but regularly seek parents' opinions of our school.  Results of recent parent surveys can be found below.  Parents are welcome to provide feedback via Ofsted Parentview at any time by following the link below:


Parent Survey- Physical Activity During School Closure- March 2021


Following the wider opening of school, we have priroitised opportunities for our children to get outside and be active alongside their friends. To help us to understand the impact that lockdown periods have had on children’s physical exercise and to tailor our sessions accordingly, we asked parents to share information about their child’s engagement with physical activity over recent months.


Thank you to all parents who contributed to our short questionnaire. The feedback suggests that roughly half of the children surveyed were able to meet the recommendation of one hour of physical activity each day. Alongside a range of other sports, the most popular forms of exercise for our children were dance, team sports and running/walking.






In response to this information, we have planned for all children to receive an extra hour of physical activity each week, with games focused around communication, team building and resilience. 


Each class will be taking part in the Daily 10, which provides a ten minute break from classroom learning to build up fitness and helps to form a positive routine of running/jogging/walking each day.


We have also resumed our sports clubs both before and after school, including dance, football, table tennis and netball to encourage all of our children to trial new interests and to promote a healthy lifestyle.



School Lunch Service Satisfaction Questionnaire 11.12.20


We are extremely keen to encourage our children to have a hot school meal at lunchtime and recognise that the uptake of this service has been lower than usual. Your views regarding the quality of school meals are very important as they help us to work alongside our suppliers and deliver nutritional meals that the children will enjoy.


In our recent feedback questionnaire, we can see that 89% of our children have a school lunch at least once each week, but that only 64% of children take this option most days. Our questions to parents were designed to gather feedback on the types of meals that your child would enjoy and to encourage consideration of school lunch costings, portion size and nutritional value. 


Through this process, many of our parents suggested that their child would be more likely to have regular school meals if greater choice was available. We have also gathered information regarding the different types of dishes that children in school would like to see regularly on our menus.


Thank you to all who contributed to this feedback questionnaire. Your views are extremely valuable as we look at ways to develop our lunch service further.

Remote Learning- Parent Questionnaire- 30.11.2020


Over recent weeks, some of our pupils in Year 1 and Year 5 have needed to adapt to a different way of learning by accessing their work remotely. We recognise that remote learning can have its challenges and greatly appreciate the incredible effort that both pupils and their supportive families have put into producing some fantastic pieces of work from home during this time.


We are constantly reviewing and refining our home learning procedures to allow us to add improvements and develop it further. Thank you to all parents who provided feedback about their child's experience of remote learning in recent weeks. Your views are extremely valuable.



We are extremely pleased that 100% of parents who completed our survey noted that the daily home learning was easily accessible for their child and over 92% of parents felt that their child had a strong level of communication with their class teacher through messages and video explanations of each activity.


When asked if an appropriate amount of work was set for their child each day, the majority of parents felt that the quantity of daily work had been appropriate for their child, with 15% of parents preferring more learning each day and 15% of parents preferring less tasks to complete.


We recognise that individual family circumstances play a great role in how much work is manageable for each pupil during self-isolation periods and that many parents have numerous additional home and work commitments at this time. We will continue to work alongside all of our families to offer additional support where required and to ensure that there is a reasonable balance in this area for pupils.


Thank you once again for taking the time to provide us with feedback of your child's home learning experiences.

Parent Feedback- Early Years Foundation Stage Transition




We have been extremely impressed with all of the Nursery and Reception children during their first weeks in school. Beginning school is a huge step for young children and we are incredibly proud of all of our pupils for the determination and resilience that they have shown when making friends in their new environments.


To help our younger children to transition into their new classes, we aimed to communicate with new parents about the school environment via videos, booklets and personal phone calls. Thank you to all parents who helped us to evaluate how useful these approaches were in helping your child to feel confident to come into the environment. It was wonderful to hear how well the children settled in their new classed and the Early Years team very much appreciated the positive and kind comments.



  • Almost 85% of parents felt that the steady approach of staggering time in school to build up to full time provision helped their children to settle into the environment more easily.

  • Individual phone calls from the class teacher and pre-recorded video story times were effective for helping to ease the transition process.
  • Dojo contact and photographs within the initial days in school allowed parents to feel connected with their children's first school experiences.

Once again, we thank you for your responses and your feedback will help to shape our transition process in the coming September.



Parent Feedback -School Drop-off and Collection Arrangements




Since the beginning of this academic year, we have carefully considered and reviewed the drop-off and collection procedures on the school site to allow the safest and most effective way for children to travel to and from school.


Some recent changes have included:

-Reintroduction of the morning drop-off area to alleviate traffic build up in the local area and address the limited parking options surrounding the school site
-Created separate entry/exits points for each key stage across school
-Staggered start/finish times to limit the number of people on site at one time
-Opening of the school car park in the afternoons to alleviate parking difficulties
-Opening of an additional exit point to Broadway to allow for a separate entry/exit point on the site
-Staff available at key entry/exit points of school


This questionnaire provided parents the opportunity to provide feedback of how useful these adaptations have been when bringing their child to school in the morning and collecting them at the end of the school day.


Key Points


  • The majority of parents (81%) believe that the most recent site changes have had a positive impact on drop-off times at school.
  • The most effective elements of drop-off times were recognised as staff presence to greet children on arrival and staggered start times/entry points for pupils.
  • Parents would like additional spacing around the school site to be created to allow for adequate social distancing at collection times.



Following this valuable feedback, we have explored further possibilities to create additional spacing around the school site. Changes to current arrangements include:

  • Plans to relocate collection points for a number of year groups to the rear of the school building to maximise the use of space around the school site.
  • Opening of the Broadway gate for additional exit points from the school site
  • Widening of the drop-off zone to allow freer pedestrian access on the paths along the front of school
  • Creation of waiting spaces for parents collecting children from the front of the school building


We will continue to review these arrangements regularly and invite parent feedback to help to guide impactful changes.


Parent Survey- End of Year 6 Enhancement Visits




In previous years, we have offered our pupils the opportunity to take part in an international residential visit to France. This visit has formed part of the transition process for many of our Year 6 pupils through enjoying time with their friends as a celebration of their time in primary school whilst providing an opportunity to form new relationships with peers from across the Trust in preparation for the next steps of their education. 


Unfortunately, we were unable to undertake our planned visit to France in the summer of 2019 due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19. Currently, we are unable to predict whether government guidance will allow for residential visits to take place in the coming academic year. However, we are beginning to look towards the year ahead and were keen to gather views from our Year 6 parents as to their preferences for end of the year visits.


Key findings


  • Approximately 1/3 of these parents would wish for their children to have the opportunity to take part in a visit abroad at this time.
  • A greater number of parents (approximately 50%) would prefer their child to take part in a UK based residential.
  • As many children have taken part in activity centre based residential visits in previous year groups, most parents would prefer their children to take part in a UK location based visit to explore the history and culture of a new environment.


These views are extremely valuable to the school to allow for planning of activities that cater to our pupils. We will provide further updates as the academic year progresses.




Parent Survey - Friday Flyer


Thank you to all parents/carers who provided their feedback in our 30 Seconds Questionnaire regarding the effectiveness of the Friday Flyer as a communication tool.


A wonderful 98.6% of the responses expressed that they regularly read the Friday Flyer with over 80% of parents giving it a rating of excellent for effectiveness.


As we are continually looking to improve our school offer, we also really value the constructive ideas about how we can develop the format of this weekly update further. A number of parents asked for inclusion of dates that are coming up in the near future which we have now included to help planning for upcoming events. Please note that dates may occasionally need to be rearranged within school and we would look to inform you of any changes in subsequent Friday Flyers.




Parent Survey- Car Park Drop-off System.



Thank you to all parents/carers who responded to our survey regarding the new car park drop-off system. 


The feedback was extremely positive with over 95% of parents wishing to keep the system running. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our school systems further and very much value parent feedback. In response to some of your suggestions, we have put new measures in place to discourage the overtaking of cars by installing a coned off lane. In addition to this, we have started to open the playground gate beside the drop-off zone at 8.40am to avoid build ups at the start of the school day.


To continue to offer this drop-off facility, we ask all parents to refrain from parking in the school car park prior to 9.30am. This is to ensure the safety of all pupils and member of the school community moving around the school site during these busy drop-off periods.


Thank you for your continued support.