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Parent feedback

Response to Parent Feedback Questionnaire- December 2021

Based on 132 responses


Thank you to all of you who responded to the recent parent survey. We use this data to support the ongoing development of the school. Parent feedback is invaluable and complements the feedback we receive via our regular contact with you. We are always appreciative of this as it helps inform our planning and ensures we are working closely with you, so thank you for your time and effort.


We were pleased to note that the vast majority of parents who responded are pleased with a significant proportion of what we are doing. We were pleased that of the 132 parents who responded, 93.9% said that they would recommend the school to other parents, that the pupils are well behaved and agreed that their child does well at the school. 96% said that their child is happy and enjoys coming to school.

From the responses received, there is a clear sense of what most parents regard as the main strengths of the school:

● The emphasis on children being happy
● The priority given to ensuring that children feel safe
● The high standards of behaviour
● Information sharing with parents about the curriculum
● The standard children achieve and the range of subjects
● Extra curricular provision



Key actions and response to feedback

You said..
I don’t know enough about the school’s offer of wider personal development for my child.

We did....
We committed to weekly updates from around the school community, sharing our engagement with personal
development opportunities. Recent coverage and events since our survey have included:
-Confidence building opportunities through pupil assemblies
- Children’s Mental Health Week activities in every classroom
-Dress to Express Day
-Class World Religion Day presentations
-Digital Leaders Online Safety messages released regularly to pupils
- Focus on understanding the global goals and topical world events in weekly assemblies.
-Individual achievement outside of school shared in the weekly flyer
-Mindfulness activities been enjoyed in each classroom
-Daily 10 running completed in school
-Physical brain breaks in the classroom including cardio desk drumming
-Internet Safety Day activities in all classes
-Encouraging wildlife protection- Big School Birdwatch Challenges
-Star Lunchtray Awards and Good Manners tea to encourage positive behaviours


You said...
I am not always fully informed about how well my child is doing in school.

We did..
We have established face to face parents evenings once again to provide parents with an opportunity to discuss
their child’s attainment and progress in person. Parents evenings will take place twice in the academic year and a
full academic report will be provided to parents at the end of the academic year.
In response to the feedback, we will also send a termly report card home with your child. This will be a
condensed version of the full end of year report and will be displayed in a quick and easy to read format. It will
provide parents with an update on children’s current attainment in the core subjects of reading, writing and
maths. It will also give parents an indication of the level of effort and enthusiasm that your child is demonstrating
towards their learning in school.


We welcome feedback from parents at any time, but regularly seek parents' opinions of our school.  Results of recent parent surveys can be found below.  Parents are welcome to provide feedback via Ofsted Parentview at any time by following the link below:

Parent Survey- Physical Activity During School Closure- March 2021


Following the wider opening of school, we have priroitised opportunities for our children to get outside and be active alongside their friends. To help us to understand the impact that lockdown periods have had on children’s physical exercise and to tailor our sessions accordingly, we asked parents to share information about their child’s engagement with physical activity over recent months.


Thank you to all parents who contributed to our short questionnaire. The feedback suggests that roughly half of the children surveyed were able to meet the recommendation of one hour of physical activity each day. Alongside a range of other sports, the most popular forms of exercise for our children were dance, team sports and running/walking.






In response to this information, we have planned for all children to receive an extra hour of physical activity each week, with games focused around communication, team building and resilience. 


Each class will be taking part in the Daily 10, which provides a ten minute break from classroom learning to build up fitness and helps to form a positive routine of running/jogging/walking each day.


We have also resumed our sports clubs both before and after school, including dance, football, table tennis and netball to encourage all of our children to trial new interests and to promote a healthy lifestyle.