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At Darras Hall Primary School, it is our intention that all of our children will develop a chronological framework for their knowledge of significant people and events. Our progressively sequenced curriculum builds upon a thread of knowledge and skills through both local and global historical studies.  Our history curriculum is designed to ensure that pupils build a secure understanding in the following key concepts:                                                  


  • Trade and Settlement- Why did settlers choose particular locations to call their home? How did the natural resources of this area, including the land, support settlements? What opportunities were there to trade goods and how did this change society at that time?

  • Daily Life- What was life like for people of different social class during this period? How did this affect the diet, jobs and homes that people lived in? Children explore how entertainment, religion and family structures have adapted across different ages.

  • Power and Law- Who was in charge of making decisions and what impact did this have on the time period? Were the decision makers a monarch, military leader or government?



In Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 we provide children with an introduction to life in times past. Within our topic work we experience living history, by means of artefacts, photographs, visits to places of historical interest and visits from local residents to find out about topics and famous people.

Key Stage 2 builds on this foundation, looking at specific periods and cultures in history.  Archaeological and historical evidence is used to support this work, both in the classroom and on visits to museums and sites, with children making their own deductions about how people used to live.  We explore the influence of the Romans, Anglo Saxons and Vikings on Britain as well as the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians.


Pupil-Led Learning Opportunities

Our creative curriculum provides opportunities for children to demonstrate their historical understanding in a variety of ways. Children enjoy sharing their learning with other year groups in school by presenting in our popular pupil led assemblies and using technology to showcase their learning with the wider community.