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PSHE and Relationships Education


At Darras Hall Primary School, we believe our PSHE teaching gives our children the skills and understanding to become healthy, secure, independent and responsible members of society.   During this pandemic, mental health, physical health and maintaining healthy relationships (including at home and online) are issues of concern, so we prioritise effective PSHE education and regular curriculum time.


Our aim is to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and in society.  We prepare our pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. 


PSHE should reflect and be reflected in the values and ethos of Darras Hall Primary School. The DARRAS Code is embedded into our school ethos and stands for Determination, Ambition, Resilience, Respect, Amazing and Successful.  All children are encouraged to learn, live and achieve to their greatest potential.



PSHE is delivered by class teachers with support from the PSHE Team and the School Nurse, when appropriate, in carrying out health promotion across the school. In matters of Health and Wellbeing, the Trust’s Educational Psychologist and Counsellor supports interventions and advises on the curriculum. Intervention programmes which are delivered by staff and external agencies include FRIENDS Resilience, Operation Encompass and Kalmer Counselling.


Relationships Education

It is now a statutory requirement for schools in England to teach Relationships/ Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education — sometimes abbreviated as ‘RSE’. Through our relationships education we aim to put in place the key building blocks of healthy, respectful relationships, focusing on family and friendships, in all contexts, including online. This sits alongside the essential understanding of how to be healthy.


PSHE education is the school curriculum subject through which RSE content is delivered in the vast majority of schools. Teaching RSE within this context is effective because of the overlap and connections between health, relationships, economic wellbeing and thriving in life and work.