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All children are required to wear school uniform in order to foster a sense of belonging and identity. Our uniform has been designed with the aim of being smart, practical and cost effective.  We ask that all children wear sweatshirts or cardigans bearing the school logo.  These are available to purchase new via Emblematic or preloved (free of charge or in return for a donation to PTA via the letterbox at the school office) by emailing (please state the items and sizes that you require).  Please consider donating any clean preloved items to school via the basket in the main school reception.  All other items are generic and may be purchased more widely, including from second hand retailers.


We have a Community School Clothing bank next to our main entrance on Middle Drive.  Donations of uniform and other items of clothing can be donated here.  Parents can request uniform from here by emailing


Uniforms are as follows (items marked with * are optional, other items are required):


  • School sweatshirt with school logo
  • School cardigan with school logo
  • White polo shirt (may be generic) 
  • *School fleece with logo
  • *School book bag with school logo
  • Grey school  tailored trousers/tailored shorts (may be generic) 
  • Grey school skirt/pinafore(may be generic) 
  • *Summer dress (during warm weather periods)
  • Plain black shoes with black soles (indoor and outdoor)
  • Black, navy, grey or white socks.


PE kits are as follows:


  • Plain white t-shirt with/without school logo 
  • Plain black shorts (may be generic) 
  • Plain navy/black joggers(may be generic) 
  • Suitable trainers or plimsolls 
  • Year 5/6 navy PE kit*


All items are unisex; children may choose to wear any items from the above lists.


PE kits should be worn to school on PE days. 



Children are not permitted to wear jewellery in school due to health and safety risks. Watches and articles of religious significance may be worn (headteacher's discretion).  Earrings are not permitted.  We request that parents who wish to have their child’s ears pierced do so during summer break.   Clear plastic retainers may be worn if necessary.


Smartwatches may not be worn.  These have a screen that is essentially an extension of a smartphone, and allow the wearer to check texts, emails, social media and access the internet.  For these reasons and due to the value of such items, smartwatches must not be worn for school.  If a child brings a smartwatch to school, it will be stored in a locked box until the end of the school day.


 A fitness tracker (e.g. Fitbit Ace ) is a band with sensors that relays data to a smartphone; these watches may be worn for school as long as they do not provide the wearer with online access of any kind.


Hair and Makeup

We do not consider makeup appropriate for primary age children locks,and pupils are not permitted to wear any such products.  However, there may be extreme circumstances at the Headteacher’s discretion (i.e. a child may be permitted to cover heavy scarring/skin damage).  No extreme hairstyles (e.g. unnatural colours, blocks, stripes, shaved sides, razor-cuts or Mohican-style).  Hair long enough to be tied back should be tied back for PE and any other lesson deemed necessary by staff.