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Roles Involved in Bullying

We have had several anti-bullying days in school where we have spent time in our classes focusing on the different roles involved in bullying.

We have created displays around school and in our classrooms. 

We have learned all about the roles involved in bullying, as rarely is it something someone chooses to do alone.

Usually, a bullying situation involves a RINGLEADER, an ASSISTANT, a REINFORCER, a TARGET and an ONLOOKER. 


At Darras Hall Primary, we encourage all children to become DEFENDERS!

The Roles Involved in Bullying

The Anti-Bullying Alliance have worked together with various researchers to gain a greater understanding of the roles involved in bullying. We use these roles in school to try and change the behaviours involved in bullying. All classrooms have displays created but the children showing these roles and we frequently discuss the importance of being a defender. If you would like to know more about the different roles involved in bullying please watch this short video.