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At Darras Hall Primary School, we aim to provide experiences to excite, engage, inspire, nurture and challenge ALL children and support their own interests. We aim to create a magical experience for children, supporting them to explore the world with awe and wonder.


We aim to provide: 

  • quality and consistency in our setting, so that every child makes good progress and no child gets left behind
  • An enabling environment which is warm, welcoming and nurturing and facilitates a sense of belonging
  • a secure foundation through planning for the learning and development of each individual child, and assessing and reviewing what they have learned regularly 
  • partnership working between practitioners and with parents and carers 
  • equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice, ensuring that every child is included and supported


As practitioners, we adapt our teaching to suit the children, their capabilities and their needs in all areas of development. Happiness and well-being is a priority and our highly trained practitioners nurture the confidence and self esteem of all children ensuring they develop the appropriate social skills to communicate and interact effectively, both inside and outside of school.

We place great emphasis on ‘enabling environments’. We want children to thrive and develop in an enriched learning environment that is cared for and respected by both staff and children. We aim to build a homely, sustainable environment that is safe, nurturing and stimulating and supports the growth of independence, resilience, collaboration and a love of learning.


We develop our environment alongside our children because we are ‘partners in learning and play’. We want our children to be sufficiently challenged in an environment they have ownership of, so they may develop, consolidate and deepen their knowledge, understanding and skills across all areas of learning. Our skilled practitioners facilitate this growth through questioning, open ended resources and invitations to play.


We have high aspirations for our children and work on a level of respect, promoting similarities and differences. We ask all children to respect one another, staff, the environment and our local community. This enables all of our children to build their knowledge of the world around them and a sense of belonging.