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School Council

Autumn Term 2021


We have elected new members for our School Council this Year.


Congratulations to -

Ben, Poppy, Jack and Isla in Year 3

Max, Anastasia, Matthew and Maddie in Year 4

Charlie, Jessica, Theo, Freya, William and Sophia in Year 5

Charles, Aaliyah, Jacob and Sophie in Year 6.


In October, we did posters to advertise the school collection for Harvest. The items were taken to the People's Kitchen.

In November, we discussed our school's plans for Children in Need Day.

In January 2022, we are discussing wellbeing strategies, and sharing them with our classes.

We are learning about a 'Tapping' technique, and we are sharing calm cards.

Summer Term 2021 - India fundraising - thank you everyone


Stephen - My brothers and I were worried when we heard about the situation in India, with Covid 19.

We told the School Council all about it.


Our School Council decided to run some cake stalls to raise funds to help people in India.


We held the first one for Year 3 and Year 4. It went VERY well.


The following week we held one for Year 5 and Year 6. It was brilliant.


After these two we had a cake stall for Years 1 and 2. It was fantastic.


Early Years and Reception enjoyed lovely cakes too.


Thanks very much to Stephen, Riley and James for telling us all about the problems in India.


Thanks very much to everyone for the donating cakes for these cake stalls.


Thanks very much to everyone who brought in money to buy cakes at the cake stalls.


We raised over £230 for this worthy cause.