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School Council

In September, new members were elected to our School Council.

In Year 3 the classes voted for Isla and Belle.

In Year 4 the classes voted for Daisy, Zoe and Megan.

Year 5 have elected Zain, Oscar and James.

Year 6 have elected Andrew, Leena and Leon.

Many congratulations to them!

At the moment we are putting together a set of ways in which classes can share things that they feel grateful for. 

This is our Weekly Thankful Diary that we have designed, for each class to complete as a team.

Our School Council worked very hard in February 2020.

We put together an amazing joke leaflet.

The jokes are all about sport, and the money that we have raised has gone to Sport Relief.

The jokes were put on our School Story - one for every day, as a 'Joke of the Day!'

Our school community enjoyed reading and sharing these while our school was closed.

Our Assembly Presentation, explaining the characters involved in bullying as a group behaviour- March 2018