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Weekly Project - Under the Sea

Under the Sea!


The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about life in and around the sea. Learning may focus on the strange and wonderful creatures and plants that occupy our oceans, their habitats and how human beings affect this environment. Maybe you could...

Make your own ‘Under the Sea’ Scene 

  • Watch the below video of the coral reef. Talk about the animals you can see. What are the animals called? How would you describe their appearance and the way the move? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2BKd5e15Jc

  • Use junk modelling or craft items you have around your house can you create your own underwater scenes? You could even add in natural objects e.g. grass as seaweed. 


Design ‘Under the Sea Fact’ File and Posters 

  • Now that you have explored the different creatures that live under the sea and deep down in the coral reefs, can you create some information leaflets, fact files or posters about your favourite creatures? Try to write in full sentences, with lots of wonderful descriptive vocabulary!


Make your own Fishing Game 

  • Make a fishing rod using a stick or similar (a wooden spoon would work well!). Tie some string on to one end and tie a magnet onto the end of the string (you could use a fridge magnet). Using the rod, your child could explore which items are attracted to the magnet around the house.


Explore Floating and Sinking 

  • Fill up a bowl, sink or basin and provide your child with a range of objects to explore. Which ones float and which sink? Ask them why they think they float/ sink? CHALLENGE: Keep a record of the objects that float and sink? This could be using pictures, a chart or through written explanations. 


Investigate Under the Sea Coding 

  • Watch this video aimed at EYFS/KS1 pupils which simply explains what coding is, and how it is used. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/ztqxhyc

  • Create a simple under the sea obstacle course or draw an obstacle course on a piece of paper. Children have to guide an under-water robot (Parent/sibling/toy) through the obstacles by shouting out simple instructions. E.g. forwards, right, left, backwards.