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Weekly Project - Space Investigators!

On Friday 1st May, it was World Space Day! Space Day is celebrated in order to promote observation of the many wonderful planets around us. This week, can you work with family members to investigate Space and learn about the universe around us! Each day you could complete a different activity to help you discover more! Maybe you could...


  1. Investigate the different planets in our solar system. What are they called, what do they look like, how close are they to Earth?

  2. Choose your favourite planet and create a fact file about it. Present it in any way you fancy!

  3. Write a letter to an alien from another planet explaining what Earth is like! 

  4. Design and create your own planet! What would it be called, what would it look like...? Make a sketch of your planet and label it. Write a list of what you would need to build it and get creating! If you would like, you could write a set of instructions to share with a friend or someone in you family to see if they could make one too!


Now have fun and celebrate the glorious universe we live in! smiley