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Weekly Project - Amazing Astronauts

Amazing Astronauts!

Last week we were absolutely amazed with all of your incredible learning about Space and the solar system following on from World Space Day! 

This week we are continuing our learning about space and becoming ‘Astronaut Explorers!’ Maybe you could...

  1. Investigate and research a famous astronaut who has travelled into Space! What is their name, where did they go, what were they trying to do? Present your research however you like! It could be a poster, fact file, or even a news report! We can’t wait to hear all about the astronauts you discover! 

  2. What would you take in your space rocket?! Can you draw some pictures and write a list of 10 items that you’d want to take in your space rocket! 

  3. Design and build your own rocket for an astronaut! What would your rocket be called, what would it look like...? Make a sketch of your rocket and label it. Write a list of what you would need to build it and get creating! Maybe you could make an astronaut outfit from clothes and blast off by counting down from 20!

  4. Astronauts need lots of training to keep their bodies fit and healthy before they fly off into space! Maybe you could try to create an astronaut obstacle course in your back garden!


Space Crafts

Maybe you would like to explore some art activities this week! Below is a set of activities that you may wish to take part in, or you may have your own astronomical activities you’d like to share with us! If you do complete an activity, you could write some instructions for your crafts and send it to your teachers, to your family or friends to see if they could follow them to make their own! 

  • Make a telescope
  • Constellation Art

  • Make Galaxy Playdough

  • Space Story Stones

  • Paper Plate UFO

  • Rocket Jetpack


Now have fun and celebrate the glorious universe we live in!