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Weekly Project

We have been inspired by all of the latest celebrations recently such as Earth Day and the Queen's birthday, so we thought it might be fun to celebrate something close to our hearts- our family!

This week, can you work with family members to organise a party and celebrate the people you love and are thankful for.

Your adults are all working so hard at the moment, maybe you could throw them a party?

Each day you could complete a different activity and hold your party on the weekend for loved ones, you could even video call other family members and get them to take part too!


1- Write a list of food and decorations you will need for your party

2- Create decorations for the party using arts and crafts materials (banners, bunting, party hats, etc)

3- Make invitations and invite everyone in your house to the party. You could even send virtual invites to other family members via text or email

4- With an adult, can you make something yummy to eat for the party (sandwiches, cakes, etc)

5- Make a list of games you could play at the party and some songs you would like to listen to


Now have fun and celebrate your loved ones by throwing them the best party ever! laugh