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Weekly Project

Minibeast Madness!


This week we are going to be Minibeast Explorers! 

  • To start our project make a mind map of everything you know so far about minibeasts, and then another mind map to show what you’d like to find out. Encourage your child to write down their own thoughts. 

  • Investigate minibeasts and their names. Explore what makes minibeasts similar and different - looking closely at their features. Discuss with the children how we can classify minibeasts into different groups e.g. legs, colour, size etc.

  • Go on a minibeast hunt in your garden and introduce the children to the term ‘habitat’ Discuss the different habitats that various minibeasts live in.

  • Bug Hotel! - Plan and design a minibeast hotel for your garden! Make a sketch of what you would like your minibeast hotel to look like, thinking carefully about what minibeasts might need to stay safe and strong. Write a list or label your sketch to show us what you are going to need for your bug hotel. Then build your Minibeast Hotel and see what happens next! If you can, maybe you could write a short set of instructions to tell your friends how you’ve made your hotel!