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Together Time

Together Time activities are based on the Early Years Framework as well as our own professional understanding of what children should learn based on the experiences they have had. Our skilled practitioners plan and provide a range of sequenced and meaningful activities, experiences and opportunities in order for children to be introduced to new ideas and skills as well as to develop and build upon those they have previously learned. Our aim is to scaffold and support learning, address misconceptions and provide a curriculum that is challenging and ambitious and helps children to remember more.

We record children’s learning in floor books which display photographs, children’s work and their voices in a collaborative project that children can look back on and reflect on.

Honeybees and Hedgehogs


To kick start the year, our first focus for Together Time is on our group names. 


Honeybees group learn all about their animal and decide themselves where they want their learning to lead.  There was a lot of interest around how they make honey and we enjoyed making the perfect garden for a honeybee.  We also found out what makes an insect an insect...


Hedgehogs group found out that baby hedgehogs are called hoglets and they were fascinated by the animal's spikes.  They tried out some lovely artwork, using spiky objects!

Lines that Wiiggle


Lines, lines everywhere!  Once you read this super book, it is impossible not to notice lines all around us.  We took chalk lines for a walk on the yard and followed a string line through the forest!  This book really improved our confidence when mark making too.

The Gingerbread Man


Did we know what is needed to bake a gingerbread man?

We certainly do now!

In Together Time, we told the story of the Gingerbread Man, before planning how to make this delicious treat.

On a cold and frosty morning...


Together time took a chilly turn as we entered January and we decided to discover things about the cold and frost.  

We have had a great time so far, exploring ice and understanding how it is made.

We are finding out about what it's like for an animal who lives in a cold environment and listening to lots of stories and rhymes that make our teeth chatter!



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