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Story - The Snail and the Whale

The Snail and the Whale 


The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson is a wonderful picture book with lovely illustrations and a great narrative about the journey of one tiny snail who longs to see the world and hitches a lift on the tail of a whale. Together they go on an amazing journey, past icebergs and volcanoes, sharks and penguins, and the little snail feels so small in the vastness of the world. But when disaster strikes and the whale is beached in a bay, it's the tiny snail who saves the day… 


Using the text (or if you don’t have the book, here is an only copy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hheolVGZVvs) can your child...


  • Read the Story - Design a story map, and add props to help you act/retell. 
  • Explore Language - There are lots of lovely descriptive words in the story which describe different things for example ‘The snail 'slithered'. Can you think of other words to describe how different creatures move?
  • Write a Recount - Can you write a short recount the story; focusing on beginning, middle and the end of the story. Try to include some lovely descriptive words as you previously explored.
  • Become A Rhyme Detective - There is a lot of rhyming in the story. How many of the rhyming words can you find? Can you think of other words which rhyme with them? Make a list of your rhyming pairs or strings. 
  • Become Story Innovators - Choose two of your favourite animals or creatures. Can you write your own short story about two different creatures who go on a big adventure together? Try to use language linked to story narrative e.g. Once upon a time, next, suddenly, the end etc. 
  • Explore Their Amazing Talents - Even though the snail is small, he helps to save the whale. Think about your abilities. Is there anything that you thought you couldn't do, but you managed to when you tried?