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Sport Activities

Bounce It Under

Use a range of objects such as chairs, small tables, or someone’s legs to make a bridge. Ask someone to play the game with you - you and your partner should stand either side of the bridge. Try to bounce your ball under the bridge to your partner. How many successful passes can you make? 

Under or Over

Create a bridge which you can roll a ball under and throw a ball over - you could use a small table, a chair and some old boxes. Ask someone in your family to play with you. Each stand on either side of the bridge and shout ‘Over’ or ‘Under.’ If you shout ‘over you should throw the ball over the bridge and your friend should try to catch it. If you shout ‘Under’ you should roll it under the bridge.

Obstacle Course

Use a range of different objects to create a course which you can move a ball around. You could use things such as pillows, boxes, or chairs. Using a ball, set someone in your family a different challenge e.g. ‘Can you get the ball round the course using only your feet?’ I wonder what challenge they will set you?!

Stop That Ball

Ask someone in your family to throw, kick, roll or bounce a soft ball at you. Can you stop their ball? Think of all of the different ways you can stop the ball. Be as creative as possible!