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Bouncing on the Spot

Make a spot on the floor, large enough to bounce your ball on. You could use things such as chalk, tape or an old T-shirt. Stand next to your spot, bounce the ball on it and try to catch it. How many times can you do this without dropping it?


Up the Wall

Find a safe, flat wall space and put a marker about half a metre away from the wall. Stand with your ball about half a metre away from the wall. Bounce your ball on the marker and against the wall, then try to catch it. Can you move further away from the wall to make it more difficult. 


How High Can It Go?

Challenge someone in your family to a ball bouncing competition. Use the same ball and take it in turns to see how high you can bounce it! How can you make it go even higher?


Throw, Catch, Bounce, Catch 

Throw a ball in the air and catch it, then bounce it on the floor and catch it again. How many times can you do this before losing control? Maybe you could add in a timer to see how many you could score within a certain amount of time?!