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  • Watch Mrs Bulpitt’s video on Class Dojo to introduce the new digraph (er) and to give examples of words containing that particular digraph. 

  • Using the powerpoint, can you go through and segment the words containing our new digraph before heading around your house to find something which includes the digraph. 

  • Write a list of the items you found and share with your teachers.

  • You can also watch Geraldine the Giraffe (er) on YouTube for further help and support with er objects: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KK8_kUg3454


  • Countdown - Display a list of ‘er’ words, one underneath the other. Explain that the object of this activity is to read as many words as possible before the timer ends. Start the timer and point to the first word. Ask your child to sound-talk the letters and read the word. Repeat with the next word, until the time runs out. Record the score. The next time the game is played, the objective is to beat this score.

  • Sentence Building - Using the same approach to sentence construction as we shared on the website last week, can you work with your child to help them write a range of sentences including ‘er.’ Remember to include capital letters, full stops and clear finger spaces with your letters placed on the line. 

  • Below is a set of example sentences for you to choose from. I wonder if you could create your own?

  1. The flower is red.

  2. The mermaid likes to swim.

  3. It is hot in summer.

  4. The farmer looks after the cows



  • Sound Skittles - Make nine simple skittles using empty bottles or cups turned upside down and attach a digraph to each skittle. Children score points for the number of skittles they knock down, for correctly identifying the digraphs they’ve knocked down and gain extra points by making real or nonsense words with the sounds they have knocked down. 

  • Buried Treasure using the ‘er’ digraph - Display a range of word cards containing a selection of real and nonsense words which incorporate ‘er’. Can you read the words and sort them into two groups?

  • Phonics Play - Play Phase 3 Space Race or Rocket Rescue to focus on segmentation for writing.



  • Quickwrite Digraph - This game focuses on linking sounds to letters. Say a digraph e.g. ee, and ask your child to write or chalk the digraph, ensuring that they use the correct letters needed.

  • Yes/No Questions - Using the attached PowerPoint, can you try to read some of the questions and decide if the answer is yes or no! There's quite a lot so don't feel like you have to go through each one! Once finished, can you work with an adult to write two or three of your own -  try to include an ‘er’ word as part of your question.

  • Phonics Play - Play Phase 3 Sentence Substitution which focuses on reading sentences and changing one word within the sentence to create a new one!

Additional Phonics Resources - ER