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This week we would like to continue following the Letters and Sounds schedule of live phonics sessions. The schedule for the remaining weeks of the Summer term can be found if you follow the link below. 



The Year 1 sessions are at 10.30am but they are all uploaded and available for you to watch once they have been shown live. 

The link to the sessions is ...



The sessions were on last week during half term, so you will find some activities linked with those sounds below and the videos are also available to watch if you want to do some extra phonics. 


Remember you can access the website Phonics play (www.phonicsplay.co.uk) using the following login details.

Username: march20

Password: home


There are also activities on Classroom secrets. Every child now has a username and password for this website 

To log in your username will be 283763 then your child’s first name using a capital letter with then the first initial of their surname lowercase.
Their password is their initials in capital letters followed by their class.

Click on year one, then phonics in the drop down menu, then phase 5. On the 2nd page there are phonic games using the newer phonic sounds to try. 

Spelling activities linked with the letters and sounds sessions from above. Remember, there are extra activities linked to the sessions from last week - you don't need to do them all, just choose the ones that are appropriate!