The school office is currently closed.

If you are delivering goods, collecting a pupil or there is an emergency please ring the door bell and wait for someone to come (you may need to ring more than once).

We are no longer taking telephone calls, all communications are currently through email.

Key Worker bookings, information, cancellations, changes, updates etc: Contact Dave Clay: d.clay@peletrust.org.uk

Before and after school information, cancellations, changes, updates etc: Contact Nicola Dooher: nicola.dooher@dhpschool.uk

For queries related to pupils working at home or for contact with teachers re support or resources, contact the teacher directly via Class Dojo.

Any other needs, including contractors, please email Anna at admin@dhpschool.uk

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Peripatetic Music Lessons 2018-2019

All children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 are given the opportunity to learn to play an instrument which is taught by specialist peripatetic teachers who come in to school one day a week. Lessons are taught in small groups of 2 or 3 for 30 weeks of the year. There is a charge for the lessons and children also have to provide their own instruments and music. The children may learn to play guitar, keyboard, violin, trumpet, clarinet, flute or saxophone. Once children who play orchestral instruments reach a competent enough standard (usually after a year) they are invited to join the Ensemble and gain experience of playing in a large group. All children are given the opportunity to perform to an audience and take part in our annual Summer Concert.
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