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This week try and do the following challenges...


  • Do a fitness class in the house or garden. It could be Joe Wicks – Body Coach or maybe some Cosmic Yoga. You could also try and make your own circuit with 8 stations.


  • Be active for 30 minutes using a kind of transport. This could be your scooter, bike, skateboard, pogostick or roller skates. Are there any tricks you could learn to do?


  • Practice your throwing and catching skills in the garden or house. How many objects can you throw into a target area? How many times can you bounce/throw a ball and catch it ?


  • Do a dance routine at home. You could us 'just dance’, imoves, go noodle or BBC supermovers. Alternatively you could create your own dance in the house.


  • Create a new game for you and your family to play.