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Summer Term Letter to Children

Dear Children

Welcome to the start of the Summer term. I hope that you have enjoyed some fun activities over the two week Easter holiday and have all stayed safe at home. Unfortunately we are not able to come back to school yet so we are continuing with our new way of working for a little while longer.


I am writing to tell you that now that the new term has begun your teachers will be setting you work to complete at home each day as they did before the holiday. Please check your work tasks each day and complete as much as you can whenever you can.


I know that in recent weeks many of you have joined with other people around the UK and stood at your door or window at 8pm on a Thursday night to say a big thank you to all of the NHS staff and care workers who are working hard to make people better. I’m sure lots of you know a doctor, nurse or care worker who is working hard. Many of you have created and displayed a rainbow poster to show your support for the NHS too.


Watching and hearing the clap last week made me think about the word community and what a special word that is. A community is a group who have things in common which could be as simple as the place that they live. At times like this we all understand just how important it is to belong and how vitally important our communities are.


We have our community in our house who we live with (I’m sure you’re all learning some good life skills: like how to wash up, set a table, do some gardening and all those lovely jobs around the home). We have our school community who learn together, which even though we are not together is still there and is very strong. And then, we have our local community in the place that we live. Some of you will probably have done this already but it might be nice to write a letter to someone in your community, you can post it when you go out for your daily exercise. It could be to a friend, perhaps you could pop a book through their door that they might like reading with a letter. Or perhaps there is someone living on their own near you that you could write to and ask how they are. You could write a letter to your teacher and post it to school - they would certainly love that. Or maybe there is a care home with some elderly people or people who are unwell who would like some cheering up. All of these letters would help to make our communities even stronger.


Someone who has captured the hearts of our national community this week is Captain Tom Moore. He is a war veteran who has raised over £25 million by walking around his garden. He was trying to do 100 Middle Drive, Darras Hall Ponteland, NE20 9DS Telephone: 01661 823857 E-mail: Website: Headteacher: Ms. V Parr BA (Hons), PGCE, MA laps before his 100th birthday on 30th April. I am pleased to say that he has completed his challenge but he has raised such a phenomenal amount of money he has agreed to keep walking a little bit longer to do even more laps! In times of great difficulty people do extraordinary things and Captain Tom really is an amazing man.


If you would like to make Captain Tom a birthday card to celebrate his 100th birthday at the end of the month I have included the address below:

Captain Tom Moore

C/O Post Office Limited

67 Bedford Road

Marston Mortaine 

MK43 0LA


Do remember to tell him how awesome he is and also to include the name of our school in your card. We want him to know how impressed our school community is with his achievement.  Your teachers and I have been so impressed with how you have all followed the rules and stayed at home to keep everyone safe. We hope that by doing it for a little bit longer we will soon be able to come back together as a school community once again.


Very best wishes,

Mrs Blain and all of the staff at Darras Hall Primary School