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PCMS Academy Order

Dear Parents

You may be aware that Ponteland Middle School announced on Friday that they have recently received an Academy Order. If this was to go ahead, and the school converted to an academy, Ponteland Middle School would remain open in its current organisation (Years 5 to 8).

This news does not affect the current NCC consultation to extend the age range of First Schools and Ponteland High School. Andy Johnson, Director of Education has confirmed that it would be feasible to have two models of school organisation (two and three tier) operating within one partnership. A number of areas in Northumberland are currently operating in this way.

If Ponteland Middle school was to become an academy and if Darras Hall First School was to become a Primary school, parents would have the choice of either school. After your child completed Year 4, you would be able to choose whether they remained at Darras Hall for Years 5 and 6 or whether they completed Key Stage 2 at Ponteland Middle School.

Yours sincerely

Ms. V Parr