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We aim to provide an enjoyable, creative environment for music making and to develop the children’s skills of listening and auditory discrimination. Children are encouraged to experiment with as many sound sources as possible and to record, compose, listen to and evaluate their own work. We hope to develop co-operation and decision making through musical activities, to encourage the children to create and perform with confidence, and to develop musical skills, concepts and vocabulary. Traditional, modern and multi-cultural music form part of our studies. Children are also given the opportunity to listen to, live music as often as possible. Music Express has been the scheme of work followed for several years but we are currently trialing the use of Sing Up as a scheme with its more up to date and child friendly songs. 
Extra-curricular activities include our Key Stage 2 Choir, Year 2 Choir, Recorder Consort, Ensemble and Hand Bells. Year 3 children are given the opportunity to learn to play the violin. A charge is made for pupils who wish to receive flute, keyboard, trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, violin or guitar lessons from a visiting tutor. All Year 4 pupils are taught to play descant recorder during a whole class music session.

Music Long Term Overview 2020