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Over the next couple of weeks we will be looking at time. 

To start , we will focus on the language of time - before and after.

Talk about what you do before school or after school? Is there anything that you do both before and after school? 

Sort the pictures into what happens before school and what happens after.

Now, think about the words first, next and last. Talk about a bottle of water - a full bottle would come first, a half-filled bottle would come next and then the empty bottle would be last. 

Complete the activities below.

Now we will look at the days of the week. Have the days of the week written on cards and jumble them up. Can you put them in the right order?  Close your eyes and ask your grown up to take one away  - Can you guess which one is missing?

Complete the activities.

Look at the 'Months of the Year' power point and talk about the different months and seasons in the year. You could do a similar activity to the days of the week and have them written on pieces of paper to put in the correct order. Talk about important months in the year for your family.

Complete the activities.

Now we will look at a clock and telling the time to the hour (o'clock).

Look at an analogue clock. (There is an interactive clock if you follow this link ... https://www.topmarks.co.uk/time/teaching-clock) Show 8 o'clock. Point out that it is o'clock because the big hand is pointing to the 12 (the minute hand) and the little hand is pointing at the 8 (the hour hand). Move the minute hand around the clock and notice that the hour changes. Talk about the kinds of things you do at these times throughout the day. 

Complete the activities.

Finally this week, we will look at telling the time to the half hour (half past).

Talk about the hour hand and the minute hand. You could use the same interactive clock from yesterday. Talk about what it is called when the minute hand has travelled half way around the clock and is pointing at the 6. Make some different o'clock and half past times using a clock.

Complete the activities.