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This week we will be continuing to compare numbers, order numbers and think about place value.


  • Use the power point below and compare 2 numbers. Use the language of greater than and less than and repeat for a few numbers. Complete the comparing numbers and white rose comparing numbers pdfs. Then try the challenge on the last slide of the power point.

  • Recap yesterday’s lesson using greater than and less than. Draw a number line and talk about where numbers would go. Explore greater than and less than with your number line. Point to where 69 could be. What number would come before 69 on the number line – one less?  What number would come after – one more?  How would we find 79? Which way along the number line would we travel? Model writing it using the symbols -  79 > 69. Then think about how we can write it in a different way (69< 79). Complete the pdfs below.
  • Follow the power point and look at ordering 2 digit numbers. Which should we start with? Which is the biggest/has the most? Which is the smallest/has the least? Which number/group comes next? How do you know?

    Pick 3 random numbers and explain how we can use a 100 square to help.  How can we find the numbers quickly?  How many tens? How many ones? Which is the largest number? Why? Which is the smallest number why?

    Repeat with three different numbers. Which is the smallest? Which is the largest? Complete the pdfs below.

  • Use the power point to recap ordering numbers and comparing numbers. Us the language of more and less and concentrate on thinking about numbers one more than and one less than. Complete the pdfs below.
  • Work through the place value challenges below.