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In school this week, we will be looking at counting to 100 and partitioning numbers. 

  • Look at a hundred square. (pdf below) What do you notice about the layout of the hundred square?  Is there an efficient way to find numbers?

          Use the hundred square to: 

                     • Count forwards from 80 to 92 

                     • Count backwards from 73 to 65 

                     • Write down the numbers between 68 and 81 

                     • Find what number comes between 76 and 78 


        Use the powerpoint for various questions linked with numbers and counting to 100. 

Complete the missing numbers activities (There are different versions - you don't need to do them all!) Then try the challenge!

  • Look through the powerpoint. How many flowers can you see?  How can we represent it? How can they draw it? (sticks (long, thin rectangles) and ones (little squares)) 
    • Complete White Rose sheet counting to 100. 

         Discuss easy ways to count - grouping in 10s and then adding the ones. Continue to follow the power point and look 

         at tens and ones and partitioning 2 digit numbers up to 100. Now try the challenge...

  • Recap yesterday’s partitioning work and tens and ones. What happens when we have 10 ones? How many groups of 10 are there? How many ones are there? Use a stem sentence for example ... 42 has 4 tens and 2 ones. Look at the power point to explore partitioning. 
    • Complete white rose partitioning numbers pdf.
    • Complete the challenge.
  • Use the website to use place value arrow cards... https://www.topmarks.co.uk/Search.aspx?q=arrow%20cards . or create your own place value cards using the pdf below (you only really need tens and ones today)
    • Create 2 digit numbers using the arrow cards and complete the pdf to show the tens and ones in each number. (For example, 53 has 5 tens and 3 ones.)
    • Complete challenge sheet.
  • Recap on partitioning and tens and ones and greater than and less than language and symbols (<, > , =). Follow the power point to compare numbers.
    • Complete White Rose pdf on comparing numbers.
    • Complete the challenge.

The White Rose home learning is not following our plan at the minute, but the resources can be found here if you would like to a little extra!