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3D Shapes!




Watch and listen to the 3D shapes song on YouTube to support children’s early awareness of 3D Shapes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cg-Uc556-Q 

Introduction to 3D Shapes Powerpoint (see below) 

Explore the names of the 3D shapes we learn in Reception and how we use specific terminology to describe them such as faces, edges, and corners/vertices.  Once you’re finished working through the powerpoint -  can you find a range of 3D objects in your house and sort them? How have you sorted them?

Parents to help with key vocabulary use the support document in your home packs. Supporting documents for shape hunts are also available below.


Revise the names of the 3D shapes we practised yesterday - cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere, cone, and pyramid. 

Can you hide 3D shapes from around your house in a bag or under a blanket? Select a shape and describe it to your adults without showing them, can they guess which shape you have? Now can you guess which shapes your adults are describing? Take it in turns and use the mathematical vocabulary included in your home learning packs.


What’s My Rule?

Collect a selection of objects which represent 2D and 3D shapes. Think of a rule e.g. shapes with curved sides, shapes with four corners, shapes which have a triangle. Ask the children to choose a shape. If it belongs in your set, they can put it to one side. If not, remove from sight. Once several shapes have joined the set, see if they can identify the rule! 


Online Shape Games:


3D Shape Creator! 

Using a range of objects or recycled materials, can you create your own 3D shape? Maybe you could make a model house, a car, a robot, or a castle! Talk to your adults about the different 3D shapes you are using, explaining their properties e.g. how many faces does it have, does it have any edges? Which shapes are easiest to build with and why?

Take a photo or draw a picture of your finished model. Maybe you could write a sentence to explain what you’ve created! 

Additional 3D Shape Activities: