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In Nursery, children are given the opportunity to develop their understanding of number, measurement, pattern and shape and space through a combination of short teaching sessions as well as a range of planned structured play situations,  both inside and outside, where there is plenty of scope for exploration.  


Six Key Areas of Early Mathematics Learning 

Cardinality and Counting is the understanding that the cardinal value of a number refers to the quantity, or ‘howmanyness’ of things it represents.

Comparison is the understanding that comparing numbers involves knowing which numbers are worth more or less than each other

Composition is the understanding that one number can be made up from (composed from) two or more smaller numbers

Pattern is all about looking for and finding patterns helps children notice and understand mathematical relationships

Shape and Space is understanding what happens when shapes move, or combine with other shapes, helps develop wider mathematical thinking

Measure is all about comparing different aspects such as length, weight and volume, as a preliminary to using units to compare later