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Kindness Challenges

You have been working so hard from home to show your kindness and appreciation to others, so we thought we would continue with more kindness challenges that will bring joy and happiness to everyone! laugh

Below is a list of kindness activities you could participate in this week:


Monday - Take a photo of something that brings your true joy and share or send it to someone special. 


Tuesday - Create a list of your favourite memories that you feel grateful for.


Wednesday - Enjoy trying a new recipe or cooking some of your favourite food to share with your family!


Thursday - Positive words are powerful! Say something nice to everyone you speak to today!


Friday -  Today is World Environment Day! Why don't you spend some time in nature with your loved ones and take time to notice the amazing world around you! What can you see, hear, smell, feel? You could even try to recycle paper. Try to be as inventive and creative as you can with it!