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Kindness Challenges


Create a kindness rock. Find a stone in your garden and paint it however you choose! You could paint something that makes you happy, paint it as a minibeast or leave a positive message on. Pop it in your front garden for people to see as they walk past. 



Go nature spotting in your garden! Listen to the sounds around you, what can you hear? Look closely at the changing environment, what can you see?



Share your favourite happy memory with someone in your house. Why do you love that memory in particular? 



Can you find some of your favourite jokes? Maybe you could ring a member of your family or send a video to tell them your jokes! I’m sure it would put a smile on their faces! 



Create a kindness jar. Find a jar in your house and decorate it as you wish. Everytime you show an act of kindness, make sure you write down your act of kindness, fold it up and pop it in your jar.