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Health and well-being

At Darras Hall Primary School it is important to us that our children and staff are healthy both physically and mentally.  We want children to know hygiene routines including when handling food and equipment. Through our PSHE curriculum we also focus on the importance of physical exercise for our bodies and mind and ensure we recognise what good mental health looks like.  This includes strategies for improving and maintaining good well-being and when and how to ask for help.  Our school promotes the 'Five ways to well-being' so that staff and students know strategies to support their mental health.

Our Mental Health Awareness work throughout the year ensures that children can talk about their feelings and emotions in a safe and respectful environment. Children have access to Online Safety Clinics and our Digital leaders promote how to stay safe online. 

You can find more information on our mental health and wellbeing work, along with our parent leaflet, by clicking the link below which will take you to this section of our website. 

Staying active improves our wellbeing