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Number Throwing:

Make some balls out of scrunched up paper and write some numbers on 4 or 5 sheets of flat paper. Put the number targets on the floor, or attach to a fence and use your paper balls to score points by throwing numbers at the number targets. How many points did you score altogether? Maybe you could represent your addition through pictorial representations?!

Target Throwing

Spread out some plastic tubs or old boxes on the floor. Make some paper balls or find some soft objects. Try to throw the objects into the targets. If you find this easy, move further away from your target. 

In The Target

You will need a pillowcase or a cushion cover, and a soft objects or ball to throw. Ask your grown up to hold the pillowcase or cushion cover open. Try to throw your object or ball into it. Your grown up could hold it at different heights to make the activity a bit trickier! 

Bottle Rolling

Gather a range of empty plastic bottles. Place the bottles close together and stand an achievable distance away. Roll a ball and see how many bottles you are able to knock over.

Represent the bottles as a subtraction (take-away) calculation. If you started with 10 bottles, why don't you draw 10 and cross out however many you knock over. Can you write this as a number sentence?