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Darras Hall Primary School English Curriculum

At Darras Hall Primary School we have an engaging and inspiring English curriculum. Through high expectations, quality texts and purposeful reasons to write, children develop English skills which allow them to access the entire curriculum.


Our aim is for each child to be able to:


• read fluently and confidently

• use a range of reading strategies to build an understanding of what they have read

• enjoy reading a range of books
• acquire a wide and varied vocabulary
• identify and use a range of grammatical features and understand why they are used

• understand and apply spelling rules

• spell common exception words appropriate to their year group

•write coherently with a clear audience, purpose and form

•write neatly and legibly and take pride in their work


Reading into Writing Journey

Please see Mrs R Wademan or Miss R Middis, English Subject Leaders, for more detailed information about our school's curriculum offer for English.

English and Handwriting Policy

Learning to Read, Reading to Learn

Reading Book Information Letter for Parents