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We linked our English work with our History topic this half term. We began with a narrative focus, looking at the story of 'Mr Bear's Holiday'. We made predictions and clarified new words before reading our story. Children then made a story map and retold the story using the vocabulary from the story.


We then moved on to looking at poetry. We read a range of poems about autumn and looked carefully at the different features in the different poems. Rhyming ones were our favourite!

We went for an autumn walk and recorded what we could find out using our different senses. 

We created word walls for each sense and then used these to create our own autumn poems, adding adjectives to our poems to make them more interesting.

As we neared the end of term and approached Halloween, we looked at the story of 'Pumpkin Soup'.  We spent time making predictions from different parts of the text, clarifying new vocabulary, thinking of questions the characters might ask at various points through the text and then wrote the story down, trying to use the new vocabulary and also thinking about extending sentences using the word 'and'.