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We have enjoyed looking at traditional tales over the last few weeks. Our next story can be found below in a power point document. Prince Cinders sets out on an adventure, aided by his very own fairy godmother in this great retelling of the classic fairy tale.

You can also find a film version of it on you tube.


Suggested activities for this week linked to the book:



Become familiar to the story and look at the vocabulary. Clarify any words that you are unsure of. Use a dictionary to help with this or ask a grown up to explain it.

Retell the story and draw a story map.



Look at the characters and choose one that you can describe. Think about what adjectives would be good to describe what they look like. How could you describe what kind of person they are or how they feel in certain parts of the story? Find evidence in the book to support the words you use. For example, Prince Cinders is tired and sad at the start of the story because he has to do all of the jobs in the house.

Write a character description about your chosen character from the story.



Think of questions that you would ask the characters. Remember the question words at the start and a question mark at the end ? You and your family could take on the role of a character, ask each other questions and answer them pretending to be that character.

Write a list of questions that you would ask the different character.



Think about a letter and the features that need to be included (who the letter is for, Dear …., what the letter is about, are you asking for something, who the letter is from). Talk with a grown up about how Prince Cinders was being treated unfairly. How could he help himself? Think back to the story of Cinderella and the fairy godmother. What might Prince Cinders ask for? 

Write a letter from Prince Cinders to the fairy about how he would like to go to the ball and why he thinks he should be able to.



Think about a spell that the fairy could use to send Prince Cinders to the ball. What ingredients would you need? (You can be as creative as you like!) What order would they be put in?

Tell your grown up about imperative verbs. Which ones would be useful for a spell? (stir, grate, squeeze, put, drop) 

Write a set of instructions (a spell) for Prince Cinders to allow him to go the ball. 


When you have completed an activity, upload what you have done to your class dojo portfolio for us to look at!