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This half term, we will link reading and writing to our topic of WW2.  We will look at a video stimuli called ‘Beyond the Lines’ which

tells the story of two children who relive their grandfather’s story of the Battle of Normandy through reading his letters. Through this

video, and subsequent writing opportunities, linked to the texts Letters from the Lighthouse and ‘Rose Blanche’ by Roberto

Innocenti, we will focus on the use of figurative language, varied punctuation, symbolism and imagery.  This will also link with the

poem ‘How to Die’ by Siegfreid Sassoon. We will look at stories with flashbacks when we write about the video stimuli ‘The Piano’.

In our non fiction writing we will write diaries in the role of evacuees and newspaper reports about the D-Day Landings.


In our SPaG work this half term, we will focus on clauses and phrases; colons, semi-colons and dashes; formal and informal writing; using the passive voice, subject and object, relative pronouns and clauses. We will also complete a SPaG assessment.



In guided reading we will be focussing on ‘ Letters from the Lighthouse’ by Emma Carroll.  Also linked with our theme of WW2,

this text is a finely crafted and deeply atmospheric mystery, with themes of prejudice, refugees and belonging which resonate

poignantly with current world events. We will use reciprocal reading strategies to look at different perspectives in the

text, make predictions about what we think might happen and use concise language to summarise what we read.