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Moving on from our lovely story about Kevin the Koala, we will look at some non-fiction this week. Chat about what you might already know about a koala then watch this clip which is an introduction to koalas...


Look at the statements below and sort them into true and false statements or fiction and non-fiction.

Look at the power point and the report about koalas. Think about the sections and key features of a report. See if children can remember any reports or fact files they have done before (like the Fire fighters or penguins). 

This week we want you to create your own information page about an Australian animal. It is up to you which animal you would like to research and find out about, but it must live in Australia!

Use the 'boxing up' pdf below to collect and organise your work in different sections.

Over the next few days, use your research and 'boxing up' sheet to write up your report about your chosen Australian animal. Remember to think about how you set out your report and the main features to include:

  • title - underlined
  • subheading - underlined
  • clear sections
  • a diagram


Take your time and use your neatest handwriting! 

Remember your capital letters and full stops!

You could use some of the paper below to write on...