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This week, we will be looking at a new story linked with our theme 'Let's go down under'.


  • Take a look at the front cover of the book on the pdf (the title has been blocked out) Ask children to look carefully at the cover and then answer the questions on the pdf with their predictions.
  • Read the story of 'The Koala who could' using the power point below. Think about where Kevin the koala lives. What sort of place do you think he lives in? How do you know? Children to draw a picture of the setting of the story and write a description of where Kevin lives. Use examples of the story to add more details and remember those capital letters and full stops!
  • Read pages 4 and 5 of the story. What do you find out about Kevin on these pages? What about in the rest of the story? What else do you find out about Kevin? Now write a character description of Kevin the Koala. Use examples from the whole story to extend your work. Think about including who Kevin is, what he looks like, what he likes to do and what kind of koala he is.
  • Use the story map pdf below to retell the story of 'The koala who could'. Talk about how you can make small changes to make it your own version of the story. Who could the character be instead? Will it be a koala or a different Australian animal? What might happen to your new character in the story? Will it be clinging to a tree or refusing to leave somewhere else? Today, draw your own story map for your own version of the story or stick post-its onto the original story map to show your changes.
  • Look at their new story map from yesterday. Use it to retell the story out loud. Write your story. Make sure it has a clear beginning, middle and end and try to include adjectives and verbs.