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This week we continue with the story of Tiddalik the frog. Look at the powerpoint below to read the story again.

  • First, we will concentrate on punctuation. Discuss capital letters and full stops. Do they know any other kinds of punctuation? Where does the punctuation need to go? Work through the sentences and paragraph in the pdf below to add the capital letters and full stops in the right places.
  • Re-read Tiddalik and think about the structure of the story and language used. Discuss what happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story. Draw a story map for the story of Tiddalik. Then add character names and labels/wow words to the story map.
  • Use the story map from yesterday to retell the story. Write the story of Tiddalik. Think very carefully about punctuation (capital letters and full stops), adjectives and wow words to make it sound exciting and using words to extend sentences (and, but, because).
  • Remind children about nouns, adjectives and verbs. Look at the story of Tiddalik and find the different types of words. Fill in the table on the pdf below. Then try to use some of the words in sentences. Can you put a noun, adjective and verb all in one sentence?
  • Recap on the singular and plural work from last week. Look through the power point as a reminder. On the pdf below, make the singular words into plurals. Then use them in sentences. Remember to use punctuation.