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This week we would you to try something a bit different! We would like to look at poetry and how to write an acrostic poem. 

Look at this power point to read some examples of acrostic poems and to look at the features you find in them.

The theme of your acrostic poem is going to be your garden.


The first activity this week is to explore your garden.

  • Go into your garden. Take a pencil and some paper and spend some time writing down what you can see, hear or smell in your garden. e.g. bee’s buzzing, a swing blowing in the breeze, the smell of freshly cut grass.


Activity 2 - to edit and improve your ideas from activity 1. 

  • Now that you have your ideas, see if you can edit them and improve them. Can you make your writing more exciting? You could add adjectives or try some alliteration or a simile (use the powerpoint below to explore similes). For example, instead of just saying 'green grass', try 'Grass as green as a freshly sliced kiwi.'

Activity 3 - to write the first draft of your acrostic poem.

  • Have a go at putting all your wonderful ideas into an acrostic poem. This is going to be your first draft. You can use the pdf below to write on or just set it out on a piece of paper like this ...


M ____________________________________________

Y ____________________________________________


G ____________________________________________

A ____________________________________________

R ____________________________________________

D ____________________________________________

E ____________________________________________

N ____________________________________________


Remember to use the ideas you have come up, be careful with your spellings and to use exciting and interesting vocabulary.

Activity 4 - To edit your poem and write up your final draft.

  • Look at your draft from yesterday. Work with a grown up to check your spellings and see if you need to add anything to make it more interesting. 
  • Use your best handwriting to write it up! There will definitely be dojo's for neat handwriting!
  • Decorate your final poem with pictures of things in the garden.


Activity 5 - To perform your poem.

  • Read out your poem for your grown ups at home. You could record your poem and upload the video to dojo or take a photograph of you and your poem and put that on your portfolio.


We can't wait to see your final poems and to see you performing them!