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This week in school we would have been looking at a new text linked with our new topic 'Muck, mess and mixtures'.

To start with we will keep the title of the book a secret from the children and then introduce it as the week progresses. 


The first suggested activity for this week is to look at the prediction pdf below and ask children...

  • What can you see on the picture?
  • What do you think the story will be about? Who do you think the story will be about?
  • What do you wonder? Do you have any questions about the front cover picture?

Following the predictions, the next suggested activity is to look at some words taken from the story. Look at the words in the word sorting pdf below...

  • Read them carefully with a grown up. Do you know what they mean? 
  • Now look at them again, what do you notice? Think carefully about the endings of the words.
  • Can you sort them into 2 groups?
  • Now that you have sorted them. Pick a couple from each group and use them in your own sentences. Remember your capital letters and full stops! 

Now you can tell them that the story is called 'Percy the Park Keeper - After the Storm'. Below you will find the powerpoint of the story. Read it and enjoy it together. You can also watch an animated version of the story if you follow this link ...




After reading and enjoying the story. Retell the story together. There are some pictures of the characters below which you can make into stick puppets which you can use to help retell the story. 

  • Complete the review sheet to tell me about the setting, the character and the main parts of the story.
The final activity for this week is to look at answering some questions about the story 'After the Storm'. The questions are on the power point below and require you to play it as a slide show where children press the true or false answer to hear if they have it correct.