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This week we will continue with the text 'Yucky Worms' and use the facts learnt from the book (and other sources) to write a full worm report!


Remember, you can listen and watch the book being read out if you follow this link...



Here are some suggested activities for this week linked with our text. You will find the resources at the bottom of this page.


  • Research more facts about worms. Use the Yucky Worms text, or you might have other non-fiction books at home. Try searching the internet for some extra interesting facts about worms. You could use https://www.kiddle.co/ which is a safe search engine for children.


  • Use the 'boxing up' pdf below to organise facts about worms into sections. Children should be familiar with this as we used a similar

         format when we wrote a report about the Great Fire of London and Penguins.


  • Ask children what the main features of a report are, can they remember? Look at the example worm report. Annotate and identify the features on it. The features we would expect to see are:
    • Title - underlined.
    • An introduction explaining what the report is about.
    • Subheadings - underlined.
    • Specific vocabulary (words specific to the topic. In this case, worms.).
    • A labelled diagram.
    • Facts organised into clear sections.


  • Now that you have been reminded of what we would expect to see in a report, use your completed 'boxing up' pdf to help organise your work and write a report all about worms. This might take a couple of days - do a couple of sections a day. Remember your neat handwriting and your punctuation too. Below you will find some 'worm' paper if you would like to use it for your report. There is a plain version and a lined version.


We can't wait to see what fun facts about worms you can add to your report!

Upload your final reports to your Dojo portfolio.