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This week in school we would have been looking at a new text linked with our new topic 'Muck, mess and mixtures'. 

The text is called 'Yucky Worms' and is written by Vivienne French. We will be using this text as a basis for activities over the next two weeks.


You can listen and watch the book being read out if you follow this link...



Here are some suggested activities for this week linked with our text. You will find the resources at the bottom of this page.


  • Use the 'vocabulary' pdf below to look at some words from 'Yucky Worms'. 

        Start by reading the words and sorting them into 2 piles - words that you know and words that you don't know.

        Work with a grown up to read the words you are unsure of.

        Can you find the words in the book? Can you clarify these words after reading/listening to the book? 

        Now that you can read and understand the words, can you sort them into groups of words that are similar?

        Remember you can sort them in any way you want as long as you can explain how and why you have grouped them   


        Use the words in sentences and write these down using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.


  • Use the 'Worm Vocabulary' pdf to create a poem.

        For example,



Moving worm

Wriggling, moving worm

Tunnelling, wriggling, moving worm

Vanishing, tunnelling, wriggling, moving worm.


  • Look at features of fiction and non-fiction books. What does fiction mean? What does non-fiction mean?

        Complete the fiction/non-fiction sorting activity below. Can you work out which titles will be fiction and which ones will be



  • Do you think 'Yucky Worms' is a fiction or non-fiction book? Can you explain why? There are actually elements of both and so this will generate a good discussion.

         Use the Yucky Worms sorting activity below. Look at the phrases taken from 'Yucky Worms' and sort them into fiction and   



  • What can you find out about worms from this book.

         Can you write down 5 interesting worm facts?


Remember to upload any activities onto your Class Dojo Portfolios for us to see.