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Collective Worship

At Darras Hall Primary we value the importance of collective worship.  Daily acts of collective worship take place either as whole school, key stage or in class groups.   Our acts of collective worship are mainly of a broadly Christian character although we celebrate the diversity of our students and encourage them to reflect on their own beliefs and the beliefs and values of others. 


We aim to provide collective worship that provides pupils with the opportunity to:

  • Worship that which is considered worthy 

  • Consider spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues

  • Deepen and widen their emotional responses 

  • Explore their own beliefs

  • Gain insights into ways in which people express themselves according to the tenets of their faith 

  • Develop a community spirit

  • Reinforce positive attitudes 

  • Participate and respond 

  • Promote a common ethos and shared values

  • Develop respect and sensitivity for the beliefs and values of others

Collective Worship Themes 2021-22

Collective Worship Themes 2020-2021