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Last week you used either real fruit and vegetables or pictures to create a portrait of somebody.

This week we would like you to draw/paint a portrait of someone but using fruit and vegetables for their features. 

You could use the collage from last week to copy off or create a new portrait of somebody else.


An extra arty activity...

I'm sure you will have heard about Captain Tom Moore in the news recently. The Second World War veteran has become an international celebrity after raising more than £28m for NHS Charities Together by walking laps of his garden. This week he is going to turn 100 years old! A lot of children across the country have been making and sending him birthday cards.

You could make Captain Tom a birthday card and send it to him using the address below or send him a virtual one using the instructions below.


Captain Tom Moore

C/O Marston Moretaine Post Office

67 Bedford Road

Marston Mortaine


MK43 0LA


If you are unable to get to your local Post Office, you can also send Captain Moore a virtual birthday message using the hashtag #makeacardfortom.